The Mindful Experiment Podcast

EP#297 - The Five Cs

July 23, 2021

In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Ballard.

We dove deep into the Five C concept that he teaches and truly discussed methods and ways you can level up in your life.

Greg truly breaks down his systematic way of how he views things and helps his clients and so much more.

Hit play and make sure you take notes as Greg drops some nuggets of wisdom!

Who is Greg Ballard?

Greg Ballard is the founder and CEO of Five C Consulting, a boutique firm based in Washington, D.C. Metro.  His company works with a diverse set of clients ranging from mid-size tech companies, large government agencies, military, and non-profits to radically improve strategic people investments and organizational performance. 


With over 25+ years of experience, Greg has developed extensive experience in management and leadership development through start-up, corporate, entrepreneurial, and faith-based enterprises.  In prior roles, Greg has led and managed business units of 300+ and has personally mentored over 225 leaders. 


Over the past four years, Greg has actively worked with CEOs, operational executives, mid-level managers, and small business owners to improve their mindset, business habits, and overall approach to management and leadership.


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I help coach, mentor, and consult entrepreneurs and chiropractors to live their best version of themselves.  We know life is limited so how can we gain the most experiences out of life.  I help with focusing on one's mindset and how the mind has been programmed over time to break the chains that have been created and allow for you to experience the freedom that you desire.  It truly is all about Empowering Your Reality.  I do this through one-on-one coaching and online classes.

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