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EP#145 - Centralized Data to Maximize Your Health

November 16, 2019

Who is David Korsunsky?

David has fifteen years’ experience working for industry-leading technology firms and most recently served as Director of Technical Alliances at VMware, Inc. where he led strategic partnerships with global EHR companies including EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, GE, Allscripts and many more. As an avid health enthusiast, and navigating a health crisis of his own, he recognized an opportunity to build a software solution that makes it easier for anyone to take control of their health through centralized, easy to understand data. 

We give you one place to manage all of your health information. We put data in your hand and we put you at the controls... You will have the tools and the data you need to optimize your own health.
David Korsunsky

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