The Mindful Experiment Podcast

EP#294 - What Do You Choose?

July 13, 2021

In the world we live in, are we a by-product of our experiences?  In other words, are we what happens to us?

Or, are we what we choose to become?

In this episode, I will answer these questions and share some stories and analogies to portray a deep understanding of how you are a creator and how you see something, the words you use, the story you tell yourself and others, is what truly creates your reality.

I will also share how your brain can always rewire itself to something else, to something new, to learn something or break the mold of what once was to what may be possible.

Tune in for this week’s podcast with Dr. Vic!


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I'm Dr. Vic Manzo Jr., a Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor, Holistic Practitioner, Transformational Mindset Coach, Influential Author, Inspirational Speaker, and the host and creator of The Mindful Experiment Podcast.

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