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EP#291 - Being Confidently

July 3, 2021

In this week's interview, we had the pleasure of talking with Tom Austin from Confidently.

We discussed his story and his experiences with his time at And1 as he was the co-founder of this brand.

I remember sharing some of the stories with him as I was a kid growing up and using the brand for shoes, shorts, and even a couple of their trash-talking shirts.

He shares stories and we discuss things like Michael Jordan and others who used trash-talking to level up their game and so much more.

Tune in below!

Who is Tom Austin?

Tom is a Developmental Psychologist and was a co-founder of AND1, a basketball brand that grew famous for its trash-talk T-shirts and became a cultural movement in the late 1990s and early 2000s with professional players tattooing the logo on their bodies. Netflix has a documentary about this movement coming out in early 2021.  

Tom is the CEO of the mental fitness platform: Confidently.

Confidently offers a framework and science-backed tools via multiple mobile and web apps. These products aim to help users live their best lives through easy tools for assessing the science of self-development. Confidently’s framework has been built by experts who have coached Olympians, professional and collegiate athletic teams, and business leaders for decades, and established lines of research in performance psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and positive psychology. Find it online at

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