EP#12 - Perspectives of Life

April 27, 2018

Why is it when the same event happens to two people, why do they have different stories?  Affect differently?  It is all based upon the perspective of how you are taking in the event. In life, regardless the person, event, circumstance, etc., it is just that.  The meaning you put upon it will be based upon the perspective of where you are standing.  How you are viewing it and focusing on.  If you stay in your perspective, you feel that you are right.  And by all means, you are based upon your perspective. But, what if there were other perspectives?


For example, some people believe the world is flat while others believe its round.  Based upon different perspectives, they are both right. If we go into outer space and go a few 1,000 miles away from earth, we can see how it is a globe.  It is a sphere and it is round.  But, what if we took that perspective from 1,000 miles to the moon?  What does the earth look like from the moon?  It can show an appearance of being flat. 


Everything in life is perspective and the more you focus on looking at different vantage points, different perspectives and choosing the one that suits you best, now you start to empower your reality.

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Ep#11 - The Power Behind Being Discipline

April 24, 2018

Being discipline in your life helps achieving your goals easier.  It allows for you to take on massive visions, dreams and so forth, and experience them into your reality.  In this podcast, I will share some personal stories on how I have used discipline in a few facets of my life to help gain massive success.  I will share how being discipline is focusing on the end in mind and not allowing for your emotions and your feelings to get in the way.

True be told, most of the time, peopel don't do what they know they should do because they base things on how they feel or allow for their emotions to block them from what they desire to achieve and accomplish.  I will share how to eliminate those feelings and emotions and what to shift your focus towards in order to achieve maximized success in any area of your life.  Tune in for more!

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EP#10 - 10,000 Mile Journey of Your Life Starts With Step #1

April 21, 2018

Each of us have a journey, a dream, a vision that we want to accomplish but why is it so many don't follow through on it?  Why is it, at the end of life, we have regrets of what we didn't do?  When we were children, we would create these amazing dreams and visions that regardless of what others said, we believed them to be true.  May it be a king one day.  May it be na astronaut.  Maybe own a skyscraper.  Whatever your dream was, what happen to it?  If you are living your dream and fulfilling your purpose, you are less than 3% of the population.

In this podcast, I will share with you the journey of the 10,000 miles, how to start and how to stay on track.  I will share stories and visions.  Achieving the 10,000 mile journey is not easy.  It takes persistent and consistent action, day by day.  I will give you a process that you can utilize to remembering what it is or what it is you desire and how to start that journey.  Tune in and if you like the podcast, please share a review on iTunes for us!

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EP#9 - True Connection To Your Source

April 17, 2018

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways you can connect to your Source, your TRUE SELF.  Gratitude is the right attitude to allow you to take your life to the next altitutd - Dr. Vic.


Our minds are so prgrammed to look for what is wrong in our life.  Our mind is so programmed to find what is wrong and fix it.  It is a 2 million year old program.  But, it doesn't mean it has to be this way.  It doesn't mean we can't change this program, this conditioning.  Utilizing gratitude in your life on a daily basis is something that will open up the door for more things to be appreciative of.

In this podcast, Dr. Vic explains briefly about the power of what you focus on and how what you focus on creates more of what you seek.  For that the mind dictates and tells the eyes what to look for.  If you focus on negative, that is all the mind will see.  If you focus on things that you appreciate, your mind will only see that.

Dr. Vic shares a challenge at the end of the podcast for you to start shifting and empowering your life through the work of gratitude.

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EP#8 - Why Do You Need to Be Relentless?

April 14, 2018

Why is it important to be RELENTLESS in order to achieve the goals and dreams of what it is you desire?  Being RELENTLESS is truly all about never giving up.  It is never letting a story, an excuse, a negative belief system get in the way.  It is you declaring what you desire, what you want to experience and stating this is what will happen and have the faith to know within.

In this episode, we share stories and the importance of being RELENTLESS in your life to create the life of your dreams.  Tune in to start TODAY being RELENTLESS in all your dreams, goals and visions.

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Vic

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EP#7 - You Must Have Failure in Order to Have Success

April 11, 2018

You must have failures in life in order to truly achieve success.  Michael Jordan stated, "He missed 9,000 shots in his life.  26 times, the last shot to win the game depended on him and he missed."  Everyone who has ever worked their way up the totem pole of success, had many failures along the way.  Thomas Edison had 10,000 failures before figuring out the light bulb.  

Every successful person that we see on TV or hear about, all had their share of failures and continue to do so.  Failures are inevitabe but how you respond to them is what determines your path.

Join me on this episode as we dive deep into the WHY failures bring success and so much more!

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Vic

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EP#6 - What Stories Are You Believing In?

April 6, 2018

Human beings are the best story tellers.  Think about today and how many stories have you told yourself via self talk or with someone else?  We are constantly sharing a story.  You are sharing a story right now with yourself as you are reading this.  Stories are what create the fabric to our reality.  Stories are what create our perspective of something or someone.  But, stories are just stories unless you believe in them.  

In this episode, we will talk about the stories you are sharing with yourself in your life and how can we help change the story to change the experience of life to a more expansive, fulfilled reality than what you are experincing now.  

Tune in as I share some of my personal stories and how I ended up changing those stories around, even when the 'experts' told me otherwise.

Tune in for more info and enjoy the episode!

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EP#5 - Grass is Always Greener…

April 5, 2018

Ever hear the quote, "The Grass is Greener on the Other Side?"  Many people have heard this and some have even heard that the grass is greener on the other side.  But, is that true?  Is the grass greener on the other side or is this just an illusion?  What truly makes the grass green?  

How can you experience a more fulfileld life = greener grass.  Is it on the other side?  Is it a million dollars?  Is it a new relationship? Is it X, Y, Z? 

Check out this episode as I share with you, where the grass truly is greener and who has the power to keep the grass green, vibrant and healthy...

Dr. Vic


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EP#4 - What You Seek, Comes Seeking You…

April 3, 2018

In life, what you seek for will come seeking you.  What you put out into the Universe, will be provided back to you.  What you echo into the vastness, will come rippling back to you.  So, if you want more joy in life, if you seek it, it will seek you.  If you want sadness in life, sadness will come seeking you.  Everything that you projected out into the Universe, is what comes looking for you.

It is like sending a signal out to the Universe to say, "This is what I want to experience, please bring these things in my life so I can experience X emotion."  

Tune in for more info and enjoy the episode!

Dr. Vic

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